Install a New Commercial Roof

Trust us for commercial metal roof installation services in Mills & Casper, WY

Do you want a metal roof for your building? Apex Sheet Metal and Gutters, LLC provides commercial metal roof installation services in Mills and Casper, WY. We're glad to work with both property owners and contractors, and we can manage multiple commercial metal roof replacement projects at a time while completing them on schedule. With a phone call and assessment, we'll provide a time frame, estimate and material recommendations before getting to work.

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How we'll install your metal roof

If you need commercial metal roof installation services, you'll want to know more about our process. For metal buildings, we:

  • Do not lay or install decking
  • Use an open tress roofing system
  • Lay panels directly on tresses and screw them into metal beams

Every screw has a neoprene washer to waterproof the screw hole and provide a solid hold. For steel-beam construction buildings, we deck roofs and install metal panels with an underlayment. All commercial metal roof replacements and installations come with a 2-year workmanship warranty. Email us now to schedule your replacement.