Reinforce Your Pole Barn

Get pole barn reroofing services in Mills or Casper, WY

Pole barns are often used to store valuable equipment and supplies, so discovering a structural issue with your roof can be a big issue. Thankfully, Apex Sheet Metal and Gutters, LLC provides pole barn reroofing services to the Mills and Casper, WY area. You can trust us to give you a new roof that's sure to protect your belongings.

Reach out to us to request a free estimate on pole barn roofing services. We'll meet in person to take measurements, discuss your preferred materials and color scheme and give you a price quote.

The smart choice for your roof replacement

Some companies that provide pole barn roofing services use unreliable materials and methods that will leave you with a compromised structure. You can expect us to create a more stable roof because:

  • We lay panels right on top of tresses and screw directly in until we reach the metal beams
  • We use screws with neoprene washers to waterproof the screw holes
  • We back our roof installations and workmanship with a 2-year warranty

Your pole barn will be ready to withstand upcoming storms and other stressors when we're done. Call us now at 307-315-0498 to schedule pole barn reroofing services.