Who Offers Metal Roof Installation Services in Mills & Casper, WY?

Apex Sheet Metal and Gutters has you covered

Having a metal roof on your home protects your home for years to come with minimal maintenance work. If you have or want a metal roof, Apex Sheet Metal and Gutters, LLC offers metal roof installation services and metal roof repair services in Mills and Casper, WY. We'll meet with you to take measurements and discuss the materials and colors of your roof, and we'll send you a finalized estimate and contract ASAP.

Call 307-315-0498 now for metal roof repair services.

Learn more about our roof replacement services

Whether you need a roof for your brand-new home, or you'd like your existing roof replaced, you can count on us. For our metal roof installation services for wood-frame homes, we:

  • Remove the old roofing materials
  • Replace rotted decking or OSB
  • Apply an underlayment
  • Install metal roofing panels
  • Install flashing and trim

Our underlayment of choice is an ice and water shield made of metal panels to help the roof last longer. For more information about our roofing materials, speak to one of our team members today.